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On this website I provide information on my writings. While there are references to items that have appeared as early as the 1950's, links to texts are confined to the computer age. My 1973 booklet on Gypsies, however, can be downloaded in PDF format (see below).
The Archives at the University of British Columbia have a biographical sketch and information concerning my research on Gypsies and other topics.

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Texts on this Site

What About the Partial Jews ?


Honorary degrees, prizes, awards, lists of outstanding achievers



Ethiopian Jews

What American Jews Owe Their Ethiopian Brethren


o   The Art of Footnoting

o    Mr. Ralph Schoenman  

o   Dr. Robert C. Atkins


o   Gypsies

o    The Gypsies (1973) (PDF download)

o    Gypsy "experts"

o    "'The Gypsies' After 35 Years" (2008)(PDF download)  



?? Writings on Left-Wing positions

o    Canadian Left-Wing parties and the persecution of Japanese Canadians  

o   International Trotskyism on the Jewish question

o   Esoteric Elements in Communist Language  




  Bad Character, Good Character

Are some people bad, others good ?


The Name Changers

From Skolnik to Merton, From Horenstein to Howe



What is "Guilt By Association" ?

Left-wing writers often accuse others of using this standard. But it is these writers who are in the wrong



Chomsky, Said, Shahak, Schoenman, Halper, Zinn, Lerner

 Noam Chomsky's writings on Israel and Jews   

 Chomsky's Links to the neo-Nazis: Some documents  

 Chomsky Update: 2001-02

 Israel Shahak's writings on the Jews  

 What Edward Said Knows  

 Mr. Ralph Schoenman and the Art of Footnoting

The Matrix of Professor Jeff Halper  

"Liar...Coward...Little Fascist" -- Letters from Professor Chomsky

How Smart is Noam Chomsky ?


by Michael Kazin

The Top 200 Chomsky Lies

by Paul Bogdanor 

The Myth of Language Universals

by Nicholas Evans and Stephen Levinson

Potpouri of Chomskyan Science

by Christina Behme (2014)


HarpersMagazine-2016-08#1091842? (Tom Wolfe on Noam Chomsky (2016))


Fringegroups.comMy blog on fringe groups, left, right, and center

The Apostasy of Rabbi Michael Lerner

by Cynthia Ozick  

   Larissa Macfarquhar's important New Yorker article on Chomsky, "Devil's Accountant," 3/31/03, excerpts:

part I

part II


Paul Bogdanor's bibliography of Chomsky criticism

Tom Bartlett's article on Chomsky's feuds with research-oriented linguists



  Contextomy:  One of the prime fallacies in the anti-Israel Argument  

On the Use of Titles and Other Self-Adornments

Today's Pacifists

The Berlin Zoo and Its Jews

 Report to the Jewish Stockholders  

German Press Reports  

The Zoo's Nazi Background

 Cohn-Zoo Correspondence  

Press Report in English

The Zoo Explains: 2002

Ein Brief vom Herrn Justiziar (pdf)(2000 Letter from Dr. Richard F. Lehmann, the Zoo s lawyer, in German)    



 Half-Jews in Nazi Germany  

The "Aryans" of Jean-Paul Sartre


Visit the Stasi's old prison in Berlin


Corporate Wrongdoings

 Cooper Union  

Some Library Administrators  

Beware of Brokered Certificates of Deposit

 How CDs Fare on the Secondary Market  

Seniors Suffer Most When Buying Brokered CDs 

Finra Arbitration: Is it Fair ? 


Miscellaneous Writings

A Law Review article: When the Constitution Fails on Church and State

Cohn, "When the Constitution Fails on Church and State: Two Case Studies," 6 Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion. 1.2 (2005)  


Book Reviews on Amazon.com


UPDATED  Jehovah's Witnesses


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The Long Island College Hospital


The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE)


Freedom of Information Request for accidents on BQE



Werner's Opinions-- My blog on this and that


FRINGEGROUPS  My blog on, well groups on the fringe

Do you want to learn about Ethiopian Jews, Trotskyist goon squads, Alger Hiss, Photoshop, the Rorschach test, a really good English dictionary ? And much else ? Read all about it !

Some books I have enjoyed

Would you like to learn about hanky-panky in non-governmental organizations (NGOs), or about all the words in the bible ? all about the world's languages ? about the Arabs' take on America ? Or perhaps you would like access to the family trees of (almost) all the Jewish families in the world ? Or learn about the Ethiopian Jews ? A lot of information on such matters, and much else, all just a bit out of the way, on

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December 2007: Lila, Rebecca, Hannah, Esayas, Shoshana (bat mitsvah), Ben, Esther, Ruth, Abby


June 2012: Lila, Hannah,Esayas,Shoshana, Ben, Esther, Ruth (bat mitsvah), Abebech (front), Abby

(picture by Jonathan Cohn)


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My family's 1938 German passports

Boyhood photography, Berlin, 1936-7

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EARLY COMPANIONS The narrator of this novella casts a critical glance on people he met as a child in Berlin, in the Trotskyist movement in New York, and as fellow professors on the West Coast

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The Derg

A short story  


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