Chomsky and the Jews

An Update


It is late August of 2001 as I revisit theactivities of Noam Chomsky concerning Israel and the Jewish people.

Has Chomsky perhaps mellowed somewhat, as Ihoped when I last wrote about him in 1995 ? Has he perhaps triedto see something of both sides in the conflict between Israeland the Palestinians, some merit, no matter how small, in thecause of the Israeli people ?

The answer, to put it bluntly, is fat chance.

Eleven months since the beginning of what theArabs call the Al Aqsa Intifada, hundreds of Arab and Jewish liveshave been lost. It has been a year of great suffering for all.But for Chomsky it has been suffering for the Palestinians, period.In a speech he gave at MIT last December 14, heis concerned over what he calls "killings" and "atrocities,"all of which, according to him, are killings of Arabs by Jews.No, not a word whatever of the televised sickening lynchings,two months before Chomsky's speech, of Corporal Vadim Novescheand Sergeant Yosef Avrahami, which shocked the world. Not a wordof any suffering by Jews, not a word of Arab violence. Instead,a repeated demand for a Palestinian "right to resist,"and a criticism of Arafat for having signed away that right atOslo. Arafat, as Chomsky has opined many times before, is fartoo easy on the Jews. On August 13, just about two weeks beforeI write this, Chomsky revs up his hysteria even more, this timecharging Israel with "a repetition of Nazi crimes" (op-edpiece, Los Angeles Times).

Since I wrote my analysis of him in 1985 andagain in 1995, Chomsky and his friends have attempted to replyby saying a) Cohn is a liar, b) Cohn is a Zionist, c) Cohn misquotes.

Insofar as these attacks are in any way concrete,they concern my disclosures of the political relationship betweenChomsky and the French neo-Nazi Holocaust deniers. The basic documents,including Chomsky's own charming "Cohn is a pathologicalliar," are now on line. I give the links to the originalmaterials, so anyone can determine exactly who the liar is:

Chomsky documents



Werner Cohn

August 2001


P.S. (May 2002)

Two new developments:

1) A quickie publication by Chomsky, entitled"9/11", finds America's support of "Israeli atrocities"to be one of the explanations of the World Trade Center attack.

2) Chomsky is the leader of a group of professorsat MIT and Harvard who have asked their universities to divestfrom companies doing business with Israel.


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